Climbing The Nose: diary of an adventure by Jorg Verhoeven

The Nose
just two simple words, perhaps, but for the world of climbing within these two words there is a whole universe of concepts and meanings. We are talking about El Captain, the Yosemite Valley, the United States of America, and more specifically, the history of climbing. A history that is not just Stars and Stripes, or at least ceased to be, when last year, Dutchman Jorg Verhoeven, born in 1985, added his name to the list of climbers who have managed to free climb to the top of one of the most famous climbing routes in the world. The Nose.
A story that begins in the 1950s, but that has its origins much further back in the time, based on the desire to reach ever higher in the personal challenge that has always existed between man and mountain. 
In 1993 the American icon of free climbing, Lynn Hill  made her mark in climbing history by completing the first successful free climbing attempt of the most famous route on El Captain, now universally recognized as the quintessential big wall.
It was the necessary to wait until 2005 before another big name in the world of American and international climbing, emulated the feat. Tommy Caldwell, and his outstanding achievement of climbing The Nose in less than twelve hours, a record beaten last November by European, Jorg Verhoeven.  For the thirty-year old Dutch athlete however, climbing The Nose was not only a question of speed. Behind those eleven hours of climbing were thirty days of attempts and hard work, fears of not succeeding, and a lifetime spent dreaming of that special moment and striving to make it happen. 

This is the story that La Sportiva and the “Louder Than Eleven” production house have chosen to tell, a story that reaches way beyond the summit. Carefully following the route taken to conquer the summit brought to light the unique features that characterize this route: similar to those of any important company, and every great athlete. The failures, desires, doubts and pressures that led to the final victory, are enclosed in an incredible 25-minute video, narrated by the protagonists of this iconic ascent.  
“A diary of perseverance and determination”, written by Jorg Verhoeven and directed by Jon Glassberg.