Skialp WCH: La Sportiva ambassador Damiano Lenzi is the new World Champion in both Individual and Team races

Italians are once again protagonists in one of the most coveted and prestigious races of this world week. Damiano Lenzi wins in both individual and team races. Yesterday Michele Boscacci grabbed the second place, bronze for Wiliam Bon Mardion.

The Individual race took place Friday in Val Salatis, 10 km from Tambre, a very well kept secret of this valley and perfect kingdom for the first performances of the ISMF worldwide event. In the Senior and Espoir race there were 49 ladies and 75 men to cross the start line, representing 25 countries.

The Local Organizing Committee was very much challenged by both weather and snow conditions. The high temperature of the last days left a very crusty snow cover in the valley, suggested the LOC to adapt the route to the new conditions. Then clouds, some rain drops and a bit of wind mixed once again the cards. The competitors had to face 4 climbs and descents: 1682 D+ for men, 125 D+ less for the ladies.

Damiano Lenzi, La Sportiva ambassador from Italy and Laetitia Roux from France were the best athletes on course on what turned out to be a very technical world Champs opening. Kilian Jornet Burgada, Spain,and Maude Mathys, Swiss, took silver, while Anton Palzer, Germany, and Axelle Mollaret, France, completed the podium.

The whole track was off piste and went through a thick wood, opening up in the last section, just below quota 2000 metres in time to caress the Monte Castelat ridge in the horizon. Laetitia Roux had a precise strategy: to take the lead from the beginning in the very narrow start, in order to give full gas already from the first climb. Damiano Lenzi has also been playing as a solo leader run but Burgada and Palzer, who recently recover form health problems, were always close and ready to fight till the end. For all the guys on course it has a been a matter of visibility and courage. All the ascents were very technical, the first having just a single track, the third to be run half skies on, and half skies in the rucksack with a very crucial transition area in the middle.

Eventually warmed up by sunshine and spring air, the world Champs continued yesterday their path with one of the most popular race format: the Team.
The gentlemen challenge crowned a bunch of “azzurri” with Matteo Eydallin and Damiano Lenzi as the fastest couple over Italian team mates Robert Antonioli and Michele Boscacci who left some space on the podium for the bronze medalists, “Les bleus” William Bon Mardion and Xavier Gachet. Gold medals go to France in the ladies race with the duet Bonnel - Mollaret followed by spanish Mireia Miro Varela and Claudia Galicia Cotrina. Third place speaks again Italian with Alba De Silvestro and Martina Valmassoi.

Today, the skimo circus says goodbye to Alpago and move east to Piancavallo where Sprint, Vertical and Relay race are scheduled from tomorrow.